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X^Powers are eXperienced Travian players who are now playing on International server #7 (s7.com). Wherein the core (initial) members are a private group of people who have played together, and know each other very well. Acceptance are by invitations or referrals only.

When registering to this forum, kindly use your in-game name. And for account activation, PM (forums) or IGM X Nural or X TheBogusPig, with Forum Activation as your subject.
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Membership Rules (V 1.0)

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Membership Rules (V 1.0)

Post by X Nural on Mon Mar 02, 2009 2:20 pm


  • All members must be active on daily bases in the game and on the forum.
  • Member activity status will be monitored and check by the alliance leader. Inactive members will be subject to elimination from the from and will not be supported with defense or resources.
  • Once the inactive member is eliminated, his/her villages will be announced as farms to all the members


  • The forum is the main communication mean to the alliance members. The game's IGM will not be effective in communicating across the wings.
  • Communications in the game and on the forum must be with moderate polite language. Any member (even if was active) insults other alliance members or members from other alliances will be eliminated and will be subject to attacks by alliance members
  • All members must use a active email address when they subscribe to the forum. The alliance new litter, urgent messages, tips and trick, and other information might be sent through email to all members.
  • if any message sent by the alliance leadership through any mean specified that members response is required, the members must respond with a maximum of 48 hours. Failing to comply will be considers inactivity

Alliance Tasks and Assignments :

  • During the course of the game, the alliance leaders will assign some task to the members. All the members are required to participate in 75% of the tasks. Any member who neglect participating in more than 25% of the tasks will be subject to penalties.
  • Dormant members, who are growing without participating in any alliance wide activities will be treated as a mole

Sitters and Sitting rules:

  • The alliance members are allowed to have sitter from within the alliance or the confederations ONLY
  • The alliance leadership might occasionally request to have a sitter access to the members accounts for evaluation and inspection.
  • The sitters must comply with the game rules for resources and troops exchange
  • If the account main original player going to be away from more than 2 weeks, he/she must give the password of his/her account to the alliance leader or the group leader to log into the account from time to time to prevent getting the sitter and the account holder banned from the game by the MH
  • The sitters are fully responsible of the accounts they are handling in case the original account holder is away. (i.e. sitters will respond to all leaders messages and alliance tasks on behalf of the original player if the message required response)

Troops Tool registration and update: (Note: Troops tool is not yet launched to the alliance members)

  • All the alliance members must register in the troops tool.
  • All the members are required to update the troops tool atleast ONCE A WEEK unless the leadership required additional update at any point.

Members Fact Sheet: (Note: The fact sheet fields are consistently under development and update)

  • All the member must update their fact sheet in the forum.

Inviting new members to the alliance:

  • All the new members MUST complete the membership applications before joining the alliance.
  • Any exceptions and deferral to completing the membership applications should come through the alliance leader ONLY.

Offensive actions:

  • Attacking any member of the alliance, or it's confederations and NAPs, will not be tolerated. If the attach was lunched by mistake, the attacker must compensate the victim with resources and/or defense troops depending on the damage. Such cases can be resolved through the "Alliance Sheriff" Or "Wing/Team Leader"
  • Any Any member who attacks another bigger member or bigger alliance that our members are not in the capacity to handle will be fully responsible of defending himself and resolving the issue with the player. All our members should attack and rid other players wisely and avoid dragging the rest of the alliance members into conflict with other alliances.

Defense and Enforcements:

  • The alliance members are playing as a team, therefore it is important that we defend each other and coordinate enforcement activities with sincere care.
  • All members active members, who are contentiously developing, participating in the alliance tasks and assignments, active in the forum, and cooperative with other alliance members will be given the priority in enforcements and support.
  • Dormant members will not be supported unless they were handled by other players and the leadership are aware of their status (i.e. members are away in a vacation and the sitter is handling their account, the members can't communicate clearly with English language and their active are coordinated by an active player, ... )

Leaving the alliance or the game:

  • "X" powers core members (with an "X" prefix in their nicknames) can't leave the alliance under any circumstance. If an "X" power member wish to leave he can either delete or donate his account to the alliance.
  • Any other member who leave the alliance MUST contact the alliance leadership to inform them about his departure. The alliance will never prevent any player from leaving. But if the member left without informing the alliance leadership, he will be attacked without notice

Membership Rules:

  • The membership rules are subject to periodic update and review by the alliance leaders at any point of time. All the members will be required to comply with any update to the rules

To confirm that you read all those rules, answer related question in the membership application with "I will blow bubbles in the bath too"

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