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X^Powers are eXperienced Travian players who are now playing on International server #7 (s7.com). Wherein the core (initial) members are a private group of people who have played together, and know each other very well. Acceptance are by invitations or referrals only.

When registering to this forum, kindly use your in-game name. And for account activation, PM (forums) or IGM X Nural or X TheBogusPig, with Forum Activation as your subject.
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Membership Application - How to Apply

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Membership Application - How to Apply

Post by X Nural on Mon Mar 02, 2009 1:26 pm

Dear Applicant,

The X Powers thanks you for stopping by this section to explore the possibility of joining the team. All players who wish to join the team are required to answer few questions to determine whether our alliance is the right one for you.

Upon answering the questionnaire, the members might ask you more questions to clarify some more points about your experience and current status in the game. Therefore, you application will be up for a maximum of 3 day. After which you will get one of the following ranks:

  • Level A Approval:
    Which means, the X Powers are finding your experience sufficient to start immediately with the one of the main wings. You don't need to join the Academy.

  • Level B Approval:
    Which means, the X Powers believes that you have a high potential. You are accepted in the X Powers Academy and will move to one of the however, you will join the academy, and will move to one of the main wings upon completing your training.

  • Level C Denial:
    Which means, the X Powers find either your experience, playing style, current playing status (e.g. being a farm) insufficient to join the alliance. And the alliance will NOT be able to support you at this stage. However, you my apply again once your status change, or after completing a certain milestone(s) or targets given to you by the alliance leadership.

  • Level D Denial:
    This means that you are not accepted in the alliance now and in the future and my not apply again.

Now, if you are willing to go through this process, copy the below questions, start a new topic, paste and then answer ALL the questions.


[*][b] What's your name in the game? What's your travian tribe? What is your time zone? What is your village coordinates? and What is your profile link?[/b]


[*][b] Did you play travian before? If yes, for how long? which server? And how far did you go through the game?[/b]


[*][b] What's your playing strategy?[/b] (Defensive, Offensive, Economical, Peaceful, ...)


[*][b] Are you getting attacked by any member of our alliance or by any member of our confederations? if yes, are you trying to join us to avoid their attacks? [/b]


[*][b] Can any member of our alliance recommend you? if yes, Who?[/b]


[*][b] If you are currently a member of another alliance, or have recently left an alliance to join us, tell us why did you consider changing alliances? What are you looking in the new alliance that is different from the one you left or leaving?[/b]


[*][b] Did you read the X Powers Membership Rules? Are you willing to comply with all the alliance rules without any exception? [/b]


[*][b] Did you read Travian game rules? Are you playing by those rules? [/b]


[*][b] Is there anything you would like to ask us about? If yes, please feel free to ask any question[/b]


X Nural

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Re: Membership Application - How to Apply

Post by X TheBogusPig on Fri Mar 13, 2009 3:00 pm

Just a reminder.
To all X^Powers members, you can vote to all the applicants. We all have equal votes in accepting new members.

X TheBogusPig

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