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X^Powers are eXperienced Travian players who are now playing on International server #7 (s7.com). Wherein the core (initial) members are a private group of people who have played together, and know each other very well. Acceptance are by invitations or referrals only.

When registering to this forum, kindly use your in-game name. And for account activation, PM (forums) or IGM X Nural or X TheBogusPig, with Forum Activation as your subject.
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Alliance Member Application

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Alliance Member Application

Post by arsenal2 on Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:44 am

  1. What's your name in the game? What's your
    travian tribe? What is your time zone? What is your village
    coordinates? and What is your profile link?

    Answer: Name: arsenal23; Tribe: Romans; Time Zone: GMT-8; Coordinates: -212,-12

  2. Did you play travian before? If yes, for how long? which server? And how far did you go through the game?

    Answer: No, this is my first account, although I have been playing for quite a while and also have accounts on other servers to figure out other strategies.

  3. What's your playing strategy? (Defensive, Offensive, Economical, Peaceful, ...)

    Answer: Current Strategy is economical, I'm trying build up a lot of stuff and then become offensive.

  4. Are you getting attacked by any member of our alliance or by any member
    of our confederations? if yes, are you trying to join us to avoid their

    Answer: Yes, Barbar is attacking me every night and stealing quite a bit. I'm not joining to avoid their attacks.

  5. Can any member of our alliance recommend you? if yes, Who?

    Answer: No.

  6. If you are currently a member of another alliance, or have recently
    left an alliance to join us, tell us why did you consider changing
    alliances? What are you looking in the new alliance that is different
    from the one you left or leaving?

    Answer:I recently left my alliance because it did nothing. I want to be in this alliance because I want to be part of a group that actually helps its members accomplish things and I want to be part of an alliance that does support its members and feels like an actual group.

  7. Did you read the X Powers Membership Rules? Are you willing to comply
    with all the alliance rules without any exception?

    Answer: "I will blow bubbles in the bath too"

  8. Did you read Travian game rules? Are you playing by those rules?

    Answer: Yes.

  9. Is there anything you would like to ask us about? If yes, please feel free to ask any question

    Question: How much support could I get from fellow members to help me grow a little quicker?

    Thanks for taking the time to read my application. I know that I would be a strong addition to this wonderful alliance.


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Re: Alliance Member Application

Post by boudica on Tue Jun 23, 2009 4:50 am

He´s close to Barbar and Hooligan and could be very helpful in times of attack due to his proximity. He does have a reasonable population and he´s not that far from gamaray and I either. His time zone would make im a perfect 2nd sitter for me as nobody else has come forward. All that and the fact he´s an arsenal supporter, I would say, yes as long as he has a sitter monitoring for a while to help him out.


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